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Elevated entertaining

Charcuterie boards are the essence of effortless entertaining, perfect for a variety of occassions. Whether you are gathering a large crowd or simply creating a delicious compliment to your weeknight happy hour or date night picnic, these boards are a culinary treasure trove.

Piled high with cured meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, nuts and more, these gorgeous boards never disappoint. Make sure to add Janet's Finest compotes for a sweet and savory kick.

Friends having a picnic
Janet's Finest Compotes, pepper jelly, jalapeno jam, compote

How to create a charcuterie board:

  • Begin with a platter or board of your choosing. Your board can be any shape or size.

  • Add two or more cheese varieties.

  • Add two or more cured meat varieties.

  • Add Janet's Finest compote in between the meat and cheese. Compote can be placed in a mini jar or spooned into a small bowl or ramekin.

  • Fill in board with fresh or pickled veggies, nuts, local honey, fresh herbs, fresh or dried fruit, artisanal crackers, etc.

  • Let your taste buds be your guide - the possibilities are endless!

Peach Berry Jalapeno Compote

Classic compote pairings:

  • Raspberry Jalapeno compote, goat cheese & pear

  • Cranberry Jalapeno compote & triple cream cheese

  • Mixed Berry Jalapeno compote, brie & apple

  • Blackberry Jalapeno compote, cheddar & parmesan crisp

  • Peach Berry Jalapeno compote, gouda & prosciutto

  • Pomegranate Jalapeno compote, brie & rosemary

  • Blueberry Jalapeno compote, goat cheese & almonds

  • Mango Berry Jalapeno compote, brie & sliced peaches

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