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Grey Surface

​​We celebrate the joy of gathering by sharing great food together.

Our story started many years ago on the midwestern family farm... blue skies, roaming cattle, catfish ponds, a couple of trusty horses, and best of all, a huge garden! Times weren’t always easy, money was scarce, the cicadas were loud but there was an abundance of hard work and the joy of coming together for a meal and deep laughs after a long day.

MEET Janet

This deep rooted farming and cooking heritage inspired our Mom, Janet, to share a love of bringing family and community together through delicious food. 

Over 25 years ago, Janet set out to create compotes with truly unique flavors using all-natural ingredients.

Grey Surface
janet's finest owners

When Janet decided to retire, she handed the reins over to her two daughters (that’s us!). 

We continue to handcraft each and every one of our compotes by slowly cooking each batch to perfection. The bird on the label harkens back to the farm and the legacy of women whose shoulders we stand on.

Angela & Jessica

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